Need A Better Way To Attract More Customers?

Importance of Local Business Listings:


The Google Places guide has been fantastic for helping me get leads. The secret tips are awesome! – Kathy Haas, D&K Photography

You Need To Know: Online Reputation:

RJB roofing, well me, has worked with Richard from Get Me Googled and Marketing Help for about 3 years. Within those 3 years I’ve managed to get a sustained flow of new clients. Not only New clients, but I’ve learnt that my existing customer database is a gold mine of opportunity! Thanx again Ross from RJB Roofing
Ross Barton, Colchester Roofing
It’s Simple really, if you want a clear concise internet and social media strategy taking care of for you, that will beat your competition! Just talk to Richard…
Hope this is what you wanted
Gerald Seager, Colchester Air Conditioning

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